Linear Accelerator

Medical linear accelerators are the key equipment used for delivering radiotherapy treatments. Standing approximately nine feet tall by nearly 15 feet long and weighing as much as 18,700 pounds, the accelerator consists of four major components: an electronics cabinet called a "stand," housing a microwave energy generating source; a rotating gantry containing the accelerator structure that rotates around the patient; an adjustable treatment couch; and operating electronics. Accelerators are located within specially constructed concrete treatment rooms to provide X-ray shielding.

The radiation produced by the medical linear accelerator strikes human tissue and produces (largely from naturally occurring water in the body) highly energized ions that are lethal to both normal and malignant cells.

While both good and bad cells are damaged by radiation, healthy cells can adapt over successive regenerative cycles. Malignant cells do not possess this adaptation mechanism and thus do not survive, a fact that generally dictates the practice of administering repeated radiation treatments rather than a single blockbuster dosage.

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