3D Conformal Radiotherapy

3D conformal radiotherapy (3D CRT) is a technique that permits the radiation oncologist to shape and precisely deliver the high-energy x-ray beam to the cancer disease site while also optimally protecting normal tissues. At the heart of 3D conformal radiotherapy are high-speed computers capable of extracting the CT/MRI data, performing three-dimensional isodose calculations and overlaying the data for the radiation oncologist and medical physicist to view. Upon acceptance of the physical treatment plan by the radiation oncologist, the tumor targeting and beam delivery data are used for precise positioning of the patient. The result is the ability to deliver relatively larger doses to the tumor while sparing adjacent healthy tissue compared to conventional (i.e. non-3D) techniques. The immediate outcome is improved treatment tolerance by the patient.

3D CRT is used to treat tumors that in the past might have been considered too close to vital organs and structures for radiation therapy. For example, 3DCRT allows radiation to be delivered to head and neck tumors in a way that minimizes exposure of the spinal cord, optic nerve, salivary glands and other important structures. It can be used in the treatment of prostate cancer to reduce dose to critical structures such as the bladder and rectum. It is also used if a cancer recurs; the high energy x-ray beam can be directed to the tumor while avoiding the area that was previously treated.

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